The Dancentre follows the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus and is soon to become an official certified studio.
Acrobatic Dance (or Acro) is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Dancers will develop the skills to perform moves like aerials and backflips but it will improve their ability to leap and turn in technique classes aswell.
Acro is not the same as Gymnastics and there is a need to teach Acro skills differently than Gymnastics skills. Dance training is essential to the success of the Acro-Dancer. It is therefore suggested that students take Ballet classes in addition to Acro.  
An important difference is that Acro-Dance is performed on a hard floor without mats (although they are used for training in class) while gymnasts have the advantage of a sprung floor giving optimal rebound and protection during hard-hitting tumbling passes. Gymnasts use certain apparatus such as beams and bars where as there is no use of apparatus in Acro, the dancers ARE the apparatus.   
The classes include a great deal of strength and conditioning exercises along with stretching to allow the children to perform the skills effectively and safely. 
Pupils should attend at least one Ballet class per week in order to support the dance aspect of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and help improve strength and flexibility. 

Acro is an especially challenging style for dancers to master as training in both dance and acrobatic elements is required. Acro technique focuses on balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering based in flexibility, contortion and strength.

Dancers who train through Acrobatic Arts have balanced development, are stronger, more flexible and fearless.

For further information about Acrodance check www.acrobaticarts.com

Classes: Juniors 5-10yrs  Inter/Seniors 11-17yrs