Pupils can initially attend lessons in whatever clothes are suitable for the class (no denim, jewellery, makeup, nail varnish etc).

Please ensure that girls have their hair tied up in all classes to prevent it falling into the eyes when dancing. A bun required for ballet.

Once enrolled pupils need to wear the Dancentre uniform.

Pupils can wear own choice of dance outfit for Popdance and the uniform for
Musical Theatre is plain black (no denim). Students can wear the Dancentre T-shirts or Hoodies for Musical Theatre

Black fitted tops and leggings for Acro dance
Prep  to Grade 1               - Purple
Grade 2 - Grade 4             - Mulberry
Grade 5 and above           - Black
Boys                                   - Black and White

It is recommended that these are obtained through the Dancentre. We offer competitive prices on all dance wear.
We can provide any type of dance wear. There is a catalogue on display at the Dancentre should you wish to purchase any items.